Markets We Serve

  • Precision Optics

    The optics industry is continuously evolving and the need for ongoing innovation is critical to success. Intlvac provides technology solutions that exceed the needs of the precision optics market.

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  • Electronics

    Electronics for telecommunications, components and consumer electronics are among the industries we serve. There is increasing demand in this sector, particularly in semi-conductors.

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  • Aerospace

    Components used in any of the diverse commercial or military aerospace applications are subjected to harsh climatic conditions where they must withstand extremes in temperature and vacuum pressure. (Photo: NASA)

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  • Metalization

    The coating technique for applying metal to a surface is known as metalization. Intlvac specializes in producing single and multi-layer uniform coatings to a range of fibers  and other substrates.

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  • MEMS and NEMS

    Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or MEMS, and Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems, or NEMS have become increasingly important for a number of industries as the quest for reduced size and weight and improved speed and precision are critical.

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  • Ion Beam Etch & Milling

    This physical etching technique is accomplished with Intlvac's Nanoquest Suite of systems that are designed to serve the needs of industry and research.

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