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Innovations in Space Simulation Technology

As the space industry continues to expand, space simulation technology will remain a cornerstone of progress. With each innovation, scientists and engineers are pushing the boundaries of what's possible, enabling the exploration of new frontiers. From simulating the vacuum of space to battling radiation and extreme temperatures, these advancements are instrumental in building a future where equipment is not prepared for the cosmos, but thrives in it.
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Intlvac Thin Film Launches Business Unit for the Space Economy

“We are in a period of great excitement in terms of space exploration and the space economy. Countries and corporations are launching more and more equipment and satellites into space. The goals set for space exploration are truly visionary and the preparation, planning, product development and qualification required to achieve those goals must also be visionary,” explained Intlvac’s President Dino Deligiannis.
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Vacuum: An Introduction to The Void of the Universe

While spaceships, space suits and their related topics pique our interest, we here at Intlvac really perk up when the concept of vacuum comes up. A Latin term to describe 'The Void', the word 'Vacuum' is used to describe the boundless expanse of the cosmos. Yet while some work hard to get it, we are adamant about bringing it to us.
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