QC12 Multi Crystal Sensor Head with 8 Unit Controller

Sensor Head Package Includes:

  • 1 Sensor Head Shield
  • 1 - 12 pack peek carriers
  • 1 Tool set for loading, cleaning, and care
  • 1 Controller
  • 1" Bolt Feedthrough
  • 1 - 20 foot Controller Cable
  • 2 waterlines
  • 1 in-vacuum cable

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Reliable  *  Small Footprint  *  Minimal Shadowing  *  Minimal Crystal Handling  *  Ease of Installation  *  Works with Inficon, Maxtek, Sigma Thin Film Controllers and Monitors  *  Used in Optical, OLED, and MBE, Photonics applications

The Multi Crystal Sensor Head with its advanced space saving design is able to fit through a 1" - 2 ¾" conflat. This unit is compatible with Inficon, Sigma and Maxtech’s thin film deposition controllers, reducing your expenses by using your current controller. This sensor head can be programmed to operate fully automated, through the IO port. Using your thin film monitor/controller you can signal the necessary crystal changes. A load option on the sensor controller allows manual operation. The operator can forward crystal sensors as per necessity during a deposition run! This Unit is an ideal tool for precision OLED and MBE applications.

This unit can efficiently hold up to 12 crystals, which are stored in the unit’s cartridge assembly, ensuring accurate error free transfer. The Crystals, being individually contained, ensuring precise movement into the coating zone. Once the crystal has been depleted it is replaced either automatically or manually and the spent crystal goes into a compartment. Once all 12 depleted crystals are stored in the holding compartment, you remove the self aligning Crystal cartridge from the main body. The operator then removes the two screws from the top plate, allowing him or her to install new crystals and remove the depleted crystals. This process can take less than 5 minutes!

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