The Nanoquest Suite

  • Nanoquest Pico

    The Nanoquest Pico is designed to etch substrates 75mm diameter and smaller. It is equipped with a broad beam ion source for anisotropic plasma etching of any material. It is engineered to serve the fabrication requirements for a compact material process tool in research/development and small cleanrooms. It is a low cost, straightforward and robust platform which is easy to use and designed with state-of-the-art features.

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  • Nanoquest I

    The Nanoquest I is designed to etch substrates 100mm diameter and smaller. It is a compact, reliable tool which brings versatile material process capability to the nanofabrication cleanroom. It is equipped with state-of-the-art hardware, including RF gridded ion beam ion source and single axis rotation substrate stage. The stage may be tilted to the ion source axis for off-normal etch angles while providing active cooling to substrate backside via conductive heat transfer interface technology.

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  • Nanoquest II

    The Nanoquest II is designed to etch substrates 150mm diameter and smaller. It is a robust tool designed to fit cleanroom fabrication of production operations. Accordingly, vacuum hardware, process specifications, design layout and automation champion output productivity and yield. Further configuration options such as reactive gas operation, wafer handling, and endpoint detection enhance capability.

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  • Nanoquest III/IV

    The Nanoquest III/IV is designed to etch substrates 300mm diameter and smaller. It is equipped with an RF broad beam ion source to dry plasma etch any material. It can be configured with single wafer rotation or high throughput double rotation planetary stage. The large ion source, efficient stage heat transfer cooling from substrate backside, and high-speed vacuum pumping positions this platform for industrial applications.

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