TVAC Space Simulation System



Intlvac’s Thermal Vacuum System is a versatile space simulation system, with a vacuum chamber constructed from 304 stainless steel, measuring either 36” x 36” (.9m x .9m) or 59” x 78” (1.5m x 2m). The chambers are designed to provide an extensive environmental test complex to simulate the outer space and varying thermal conditions. It allows for a variety of parts to be tested in a high vacuum less than 10-6 torr, which is a dry pumped and clean environment.

Each chamber is fitted with either a turbo pumping system or cryogenic pumping system. Multiple thermocouples and a readout system are included for monitoring items being tested.

LabVIEW software is used as the computer operating system and is expandable to meet the user’s needs. A Polycold refrigeration unit is used for platen cooling. A series of cartridge type heaters are used for heating. The temperature control is accomplished using a full PID controller, allowing for temperature ramping and soaking.

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