Nanochrome II


Nanochrome II

The Nanochrome™ II is built around a vertical split “clam shell” design that has full access to the deposition area. The chamber stands as a vertical cylinder, nominal 32” I.D. and is 40” tall and is fabricated from 304L stainless steel. The chamber has a large variety of feed-throughs located on the top and bottom of the chamber, many of which are spares.

Finished inside and out to a high mechanical then electro polished to reduce surface area which reduces pump down time and water vapor backgrounds. The chamber has three Pyrex view ports, with glass cover slip in two positions. The deposition material is shielded from the windows and view ports that face the electron beam gun is fitted with a periscope and polorizing attenuator assemblies to allow viewing during deposition.

The top of the deposition chamber has a variety of feedthrough ports, we use a 2.0” hollow shaft ferrofluid type rotary, which has an optical window coupled to the top. The side and bottom of the chamber also have spare ports for future use.

The system is an ideal platform for long throw reactive sputtering, electron beam and thermal evaporation to produce high quality thin films.


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