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uniform deposition

Indium films find various applications due to their unique properties. Some common applications include quantum computing, focal plane arrays, low-resistance ohmic contact for III-V and II-IV materials, and fabrication of electronic components in semiconductor industries.

PVD methods provide high-quality, and high-performance thin films compared to other thin film deposition methods such as electroplating. PVD coatings exhibit better adhesion, uniformity, and density, with minimal effect of environmental factors on the composition and other film properties. Moreover, PVD allows for a broader range of materials to be deposited and offers better control over coating thickness, making it suitable for applications requiring precise thickness specifications.

The films are grown at cryogenic temperatures, which is advantageous for high shear strength and better adhesion of bump to the wafers, and it prevents lateral migration of the atoms on the substrate which reinforces columnar crystalline growth.


uniform indium deposition

Indium is a ductile metal with a melting point of 156.6 °C, which is advantageous in microelectronics where lower processing temperatures are desired to prevent damage to the sensitive components. Indium's good thermal conductivity makes it suitable for applications where efficient heat dissipation is crucial such as semiconductor devices. The characteristics of indium, such as its thermal stability, and compatibility with complex crystal structures make it a valuable material for forming reliable and high-performance electrical contacts in semiconducter devices. 

The negative photoresist is preferred for the lift-off process since it generally offers higher selectivity, which means they are less likely to be dissolved or affected during subsequent processing steps. Negative photoresists simplify the lift-off process and allow for the deposition of the additional layers without adversely affecting the existing pattern.

Icarus Indium Coating Service

square and round bump array

The indium films deposited with Icarus exhibit high-quality morphology of the film such as:

  • Spit-free up to 70 Å/s on a 200mm wafer, small-grained, textured film structure due to low deposition temperature
  • High uniformity (<5% over an 8" wafer)
  • High yield of lift-off process due to the collimated flux that prevents coating on side walls
  • 5-micron feature size and 10-micron pixel pitch
  • Good indium fill and high yield on shape and size of the bump array (square and round)

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Indium Coating Order Form

Indium Coating Order Form


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